Stella Mccartney feels ''humbled'' to be honoured at the Lincoln Center.

The 42-year-old designer is due to host an afternoon tea party at her Greene Street store in New York City later today (05.06.14) to benefit the Women's Leadership Council of the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund.

The group of ''impassioned female business leaders'' are raising money to support 10 residential art programs at the facility, and the event comes months before Stella is due to be honoured by Lincoln Center this November in recognition for her work.

She told ''It feels so unreal and extraordinary to be honored at Lincoln Center. It's the home of such amazing creativity. I'm so humbled and thankful, especially having been surrounded with the arts since Day One of my life.

''I am so proud because my mum grew up in New York and it's always been a second home to me.''

Co-chairing the evening are author Olivia Harrison, designer Gabriela Perezutti and real estate agent Dolly Lenz.

The night will see some of her close A-list pals come together in celebration, including Cameron Diaz, David Bowie and Alec Baldwin.

Meanwhile, Stella will debut her resort collection this evening (05.06.14) in the Big Apple.