Stella Mccartney believes stylish gym kit can help boost fitness.

The fashion designer teamed up with sportswear giant Adidas for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection and says wearing something ''cool'' can enhance both your performance and your self-confidence.

She told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Most people hide behind their black leggings for exercise and think the less people see of their workout gear the better, but I find that a great kit encourages and inspires me to exercise. When you are wearing something stylish or cool you feel better when you are performing, and I have spoken to athletes who agree.

''It can give women the confidence to be themselves when they work-out, too, and why not? Your gym kit should be afforded the same emotional and physical freedom as the rest of your wardrobe. You shouldn't have to sacrifice anything for your sport: you should feel 100 per cent yourself.''

Stella thinks good sportswear should take you from the office to the gym and says there is no need to be afraid of experimenting with bold colours or jackets on the treadmill.

She added: ''I always go for the head-to-toe gym look. Colour-blocked running leggings bring a bit of energy to your work-out environment, plus they look equally good with a pair of heels.

''You need a great cover-up piece in case you get caught in the rain. A printed bomber jacket is versatile and looks good on all body types.''