Fashion queen Stella Mccartney has good-humouredly blasted dad SIR PAUL - calling him miserly.

Stella says her former beatle dad refused to dip into his huge fortune for private education and instead sent her to a comprehensive school because he's a "tight bastard".

And the 31-year-old designer confesses that she became a bit of a bully whilst attending the state school near her childhood home of Peasmarsh, East Sussex, England.

She says, "I could look after myself. I was a bully for a while. I was a bit ashamed if I missed the bus and had to get dropped off in a nice car."

And despite her worldwide success as a renowned fashion leader, Stella admits that she would have liked to follow her MULL OF KINTYRE hitmaker father into the music business.

She adds, "I'm really a frustrated musician. I always wanted to be a musician but I didn't want to get pigeonholed."