Stella Mccartney has already begun searching for a private school for her two-month-old son MILLER.

The designer criticised her parents, former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife LINDA, after they sent her to a state school in East Sussex, England.

And she seems determined to make sure her offspring - her first child with husband of two years ALASDHAIR WILLIS - doesn't suffer the same hardship.

The couple were conspicuous guests at an open day for parents of prospective pupils at London's popular private Notting Hill Preparatory School yesterday (03MAY05).

The McCartneys went out of their way to send Stella and her siblings James and MARY to Thomas Peacocke comprehensive school, near her family's estate in Peasmarsh, to keep their feet on the ground and give them the chance to mix with ordinary children.

But, during an interview in 2002, the GUCCI designer said of her time at the school, "I didn't go around thinking what benefits there are for me going to a comprehensive. But I could look after myself. I was a bully for a while."

04/05/2005 17:26