Fashion designer Stella Mccartney refused to donate a bottle of perfume to stepmother Heather Mills' charity fund, according to the former model's publicist MICHELE ELYZABETH. Mills allegedly asked the daughter of her estranged husband, Sir Paul MCCartney, to donate bottle of her own brand perfume for a charity auction, but MCCartney refused. Elyzabeth says, "She said, 'No!' What would that have cost her? Nothing. But we didn't beg. One turn-down is enough, so we told her, 'Fine, thank you,' and Elizabeth Arden donated instead." Mills' publicist also claims the designer refused to offer discounts on clothes for her family. She adds, "Stella told Heather she'd give her just 10 per cent off at her boutique in London. And they were related. But that just goes along with everything we know about Stella now." Earlier this month (Nov07), Mills blamed Stella for the breakdown of her four-year marriage to the former Beatle during a string of TV interviews in the U.K. and U.S.