Louise Gray has designed a jockey kit for women.

The British fashion designer has turned her hand to sportswear to create the uniform for the world's first all-female horse racing team.

Louise said: ''I'm very pro-women as a designer, so when I was approached to do this project and read the amazing things that these women have achieved, it convinced me to get on board. They're really strong female role models.

''I took the silhouette from one of my most popular dresses and made it shorter and a bit sportier for the girls, and applied the colours in stripes. I wanted it to be graphic and bold.''

Louise dressed the groundbreaking trio - British jockey Hayley Turner, American rider Chantal Sutherland and Canada's Emma Jayne Wilson - in silk dresses in the colours of their jockey stripes, fuchsia and black.

The designer says she would now ''definitely consider'' making a full sportswear line and thinks she could give Stella Mccartney a run for her money in the next Olympic Games

Louise commented to vogue.co.uk: ''It could be really interesting. Maybe I could dress Team GB next, who knows?''

The athletes debuted their new kits at the world's premiere international jockey competition in Ascot last Saturday (11.08.12).