Former tennis champion Steffi Graf has successfully sued a German radio station for supposedly broadcasting her and husband Andre Agassi in the middle of love-making.

Graf took offence at the WDR sketch aired on 29 December (04) in which actors mimicked the sporting stars battling words back-and-forth before settling on JADEN GIL, the name of the couple's first child - a court heard in Cologne, Germany on Friday (11FEB05).

The radio station then asked listeners to name the famous pair.

WDR have agreed to pay a $6,600 (GBP3,473) penalty if they air any similar 'conversations' in the future and were forced to pay the legal costs amounting to $6,450 (GBP3,394).

A court spokesperson says, "The court made it clear they would have banned any further broadcasts if the station had not done so."

14/02/2005 17:43