Stedman Graham, the 59-year-old businessman and his long-time fiance Oprah Winfrey toned down their public appearances several years ago after the talk-show host felt the media were 'exploiting' them, according to an interview Winfrey gave to ABC News. In the talk with Barbara Walters, the host also denied rumours that she was more than just friends with companion Gayle King.
56-year-old Winfrey has been with Graham since 1986 and got the couple became engaged in 1992, however, they have made very few public appearances together in recent years, leading to speculation surrounding their relationship. However, Winfrey said, "Every time we showed up in public... there'd be another exploitive story ... so I made a conscious effort around 2003, 2004, to pull back on my public appearances with Stedman". The host reaffirmed her love for her fiance, describing him as "The love ... the lover ... the man ... the partner ... the mate", and acknowledging that she has never met another man with such respect and humility.
In the interview, which aired yesterday (9th December 2010), Winfrey turned attention to rumours about her and friend King, and after becoming teary she said, "I'm not a lesbian. I'm not even kind of a lesbian".