British rockers Status Quo were left red-faced after their stage equipment malfunctioned while they were performing on live TV on Tuesday (24May11).
The band was playing its new single Rock 'n Roll 'n You on U.K. show Daybreak when the backing track failed, causing the song to skip.
Frontman Francis Rossi admits he was humiliated by the incident, which he blamed on a faulty player.
He says, "It was an unfortunate situation. We did feel like proper Charlies (fools) but these things happen on live telly. Typically, everything went perfectly during rehearsal but as soon as we performed live the equipment had a hissy fit, making us look and feel daft in front of a million viewers."
But Daybreak bosses were still pleased with the group's effort, with a spokesperson insisting, "The band and fans still enjoyed a great performance."