Status Quo star Rick Parfitt decided to cut his trademark long hair earlier this year (12) after it began falling out when the band worked on a new movie.

The rockers make their film debut in action adventure Bula Quo!, and headed to Fiji to shoot their scenes.

However, the trip proved a disaster for Parfitt - his wavy blonde hair started to fall out and he made the decision to chop his locks into a shorter style.

He tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "I've always had great hair. It's always been thick and long, and I've never had a problem with it. I never even conditioned it, you know - it made it too smooth. But earlier this year we were filming our movie in Fiji, and it started coming out by the comb-load.

"I was putting it down the loo, flushing it, combing it again and even more was coming out. I started the movie with a full head of hair and by the time I'd finished a month later, it was just strands.

"It looked awful. It was so thin. So I came back and immediately had it cut short. People said, 'Don't do it! Leave the hair, what is the matter with you?' But it had to go."