Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt is hoping to track down the stunt double who helped him out during filming of the band's movie in Fiji after he hurt himself on the set.

The musicians play themselves in 90-minute action adventure Bula Quo!, and Parfitt has revealed he was sidelined from several scenes after sustaining a leg injury.

A stuntman stepped forward to take over his role, donning a blond wig to play the rocker, but Parfitt never found out his name and is now hoping to track him down to thank him and hand him a copy of the finished film.

He tells Britain's Metro, "I'd kind of hurt my leg doing some stunts. So we got this stunt double in and he's a black guy with a blond wig on and, you know what, from that day to this I still don't know his name.

"We were doing a scene on a river and he had a boat so he had to play my stunt double. How on earth they were going to film a black guy playing me I do not know. There's smoke and mirrors and all that, but that's taking it too far... We got away with it anyway."