Status Quo rocker Francis Rossi has blasted Tv singing contest The Voice as the "biggest mistake" in showbiz history.

The singer/guitarist is convinced it is unfair to assess wannabe stars purely on their singing talents as it does not give them a realistic image of the music industry.

The Rockin' All Over the World hitmaker is adamant the format - featuring a row of stars judging acts without looking at them - is flawed, and he is calling for an end to singing shows which hold up a recording contract as the top prize, accusing producers of exploiting fame-hungry youngsters.

Rossi tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "The Voice! What's that? The biggest mistake ever made. 'We're going in showbusiness and we don't want to look at you, we just want to know how you sing'? That's rubbish... They get voted for, they're liked, they win, they do the tour and it's all sold out and then they're just competition for people like me. That must hurt so bad. I understand it but something morally in me thinks we can't keep doing this."