Starsky And Hutch's new police captain has been laying down the law on the set of the movie revamp - by insisting he never gets killed and he always gets the girl.

Former blaxploitation superstar Fred Williamson will play CAPTAIN DOBY in the new movie, and the BLACK CAESAR star is making sure he gets total respect in the film.

Williamson says, "I'm the Dirty Harry of black entertainment. I win all the fights, I never get killed and I always get the girl. Image is everything.

"You can offer me a lot of money, but no way are you going to get me to play a drug dealer or a pimp, or get me killed off.

"In the first script, they wanted to shoot me in the behind. I said, 'No way! You can't shoot me in the butt!"

Williamson, a teetotaller, admits he initially refused to take part in a drunken scene in the film.

He adds, "The director finally convinced me it was OK."

03/07/2003 09:16