Starsky And Hutch veteran David Soul has slammed reports he was left bitter over losing the film right's to the cop show - saying he was happy to appear in Ben Stiller's big screen adaptation.

The 60-year-old actor was said to be "furious" when film giant Warner BROS snapped up the rights, as he and co-star Paul Michael Glaser had planned to make their own version.

So Soul's decision to make a cameo appearance in the OWEN WILSON-starring movie took many by surprise.

But Soul insists, "When we didn't get the rights, what were we supposed to do? Cry over spilt milk? It wasn't a change of heart. I just had to change horses, that's all.

"Human beings are trained to be insecure. And I was too. You think, 'My God, I'm not going to work again.' But you've got to look around you and use what's available to you."

11/03/2004 16:56