British band Starsailor have spoken for the first time about the experience of being the last band to work with Phil Spector before his shocking arrest.

Lead singer James Walsh admits that, while the band thoroughly enjoyed working with the legendary producer, they also found him to be 'eccentric'.

But when he was arrested in connection with the murder of 'B' movie actress Lana Clarkson, they couldn't believe it.

Walsh says, "It feels strange really. The time we spent with him, he was eccentric but by no means was there any indication that he could be capable of anything that serious.

"His hours were very unconventional. He started at six at night and finished at four in the morning. That was quite hard work. He didn't want to use anything modern, any pro-tools or anything like that. Whatever you recorded, stuck. You couldn't really go back over anything and say, 'That could sound better or that could sound better.'

"It would obviously be a great honour if we were to be the last band. But also it would mean the loss of someone so good who had given so much to music."

Spector has yet to be charged with any offence by Los Angeles police and was released on bail shortly after his arrest.

25/06/2003 09:16