Starfucker Announce UK 2011 Tour & Release New Album

Starfucker Announce UK 2011 Tour & Release New Album

The Portland, Oregon four-piece - who were previously known as Pyramiddd before changing their name back to Starfucker - also release a new single today, 'Death As Fetish'.

In addition, Starfucker have made an album mixtape for 'Reptilians', fusing their own tracks with the likes of 50 Cent.

Starfucker have received almost as much attention for their moniker as for their immensely accessible dance hooks. Now that the group's name has finally settled on Starfucker after flirting briefly with a few alternatives, however, the focus can rightly return to the quartet's unique brand of endlessly catchy, addictive pop. And there's no better place for that to begin than with 'Reptilians', the bands second album and first with Polyvinyl.

As with the bands previous albums, 'Reptilians' was written almost entirely by principal songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Hodges. This time around, however, Starfucker's sound is also bolstered by the addition of Keil Corcoran (whom Hodges describes as a human drum machine) and producer Jacob Portrait (The Dandy Warhols, Mint Chicks).

With vibrant crescendos, explosive drum beats, and layered melodies that fuel a truly enthusiastic, theatrical live show, 'Reptilians' is decidedly Starfucker's most well-rounded and full-sounding album to date -- a buoyant affair that will somehow have you dancing to songs about death and too busy enjoying it to mind.