Star Wars creator George Lucas is giving fans a tantalising glimpse of the origins of cult character DARTH VADER in a new DVD collection.

Prior to the release of the final Star Wars film, EPISODE III, next year (05), Lucas is releasing the first three sci-fi films on DVD format for the first time in September (04) - and the collection will feature Lucas revealing how Jedi warrior ANAKIN SKYWALKER turned to the dark side to become Vader.

Behind-the-scenes footage from Episode III, which will show Anakin turning into Vader, features Hayden Christensen dressed as the dark Lord for the first time.

LUCASFILM's JIM WARD says, "We're going to see the evolution of this character and go places with Darth Vader we've never gone before.

"Our fans have been eagerly awaiting every morsel of Episode III as we divulge it. We're giving it to them piece by piece."

20/04/2004 17:20