LATEST: A Memorial Day (30MAY05) surge gave the final Star Wars movie a boost at the US box office - and propelled it to number one.

Sports movie remake THE LONGEST YARD was expected to top the four-day weekend figures, but it finished in third place with a $60 million (GBP31.6 million) take - a figure which usually claims the number one slot.

STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH enjoyed a terrific second weekend with a staggering $70.8 million (GBP37.2 million) take at the US box office, giving the sci-fi epic an 11-day total of $271.2 million (GBP142.7 million).

Animated movie MADAGASCAR debuted at number two with $61million (GBP32 million).

It was a great weekend for 2005 Oscars host CHRIS ROCK - the funnyman features in both Madagascar and The Longest Yard.

The weekend marked the first time in US movie history that three films topped the box office with $60 million (GBP31.6 million) or more.

31/05/2005 21:13