Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher was stunned when screen legend DAME Elizabeth Taylor phoned to inform her that her father Eddie Fisher had stopped taking his medicine and was in hospital. Eddie famously left Carrie's mother Debbie Reynolds for Taylor in 1958, setting off a huge Hollywood scandal. Taylor informed Carrie that her famous father had "stopped taking his blood pressure medication and ended up in the hospital and now has round-the-clock nurses". Carrie recalls, "I know my father likes to get a lot of attention from women, but I'm sure that's not why he did what he did." Taylor was invited to attend Carrie's 50th birthday party last month (OCT06) and had phoned to invite Eddie along to the bash, as well. Carrie adds, "Although she and my father hadn't spoken, maybe, in 49 years. Elizabeth said she thought my mother would think it was a hoot if he came. And she did. "But I spoke to my dad about it, and he said he couldn't attend, that he was in a wheelchair. I said, 'That's OK, so is Elizabeth.' But he didn't come." Carrie adds jokingly, "Too bad. Mom would have been the only one of them still standing!"