Crew members on the set of the final Star Wars movie were so fond of SAMUEL L JACKSON they made sure his final scene in EPISODE 3 REVENGE OF THE SITH was one to talk about.

Fans of the actor gave his character MACE WINDU a special sendoff when he was killed off in a lightsaber battle.

Thrilled Jackson explains, "There's a lot of lore that goes along with Star Wars and I guess because I've been know since Pulp Fiction as a bad motherf**ker, everybody thought that should be on my light sabre.

"The guys did finally put it on there but, when I was doing the film, I didn't have it on. When they finally killed me and they gave me my light sabre, the guys, who make them, changed the piece that turns the light sabre on and it actually has BMF on it."

19/04/2005 09:04