Star Wars movie-maker George Lucas is insisting all the characters in the new sci-fi sequel sport shaggy seventies-style haircuts - so they look like the stars of the original films.

STARS WARS: EPISODE 3 actors Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, currently shooting the final installment on set in New South Wales, Australia, are showing off unfashionable 'mullet' hairdos - because they were trendy when the first Star Wars film was made in 1977.

An onset source explains, "The idea is that it will lead seamlessly on to the original Star Wars movie, starring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and MARK HAMILL, which was filmed in the Seventies and had certain hallmarks of that era.

"It's a bid for continuity. They are trying to capture the shaggy look that was popular then."

09/07/2003 13:33