Star Wars "purists" are up-in-arms once again over George Lucas's latest tweaks to their beloved movies. The latest uproar was ignited earlier this week when the BadAssDigest blog reported that Lucas has changed the audio in a crucial scene in Return of the Jedi , so that Darth Vader screams "No!" (twice) at the end of a battle between himself and the Emperor Palpatine. The change was noticed in review copies of the latest Blu-ray version of the Star Trek movies. Other websites went on to report that Yoda, created by the Muppet makers for The Phantom Menace , has been replaced by a CGI version in the Blu-ray. Also, the eyes of the Ewocks in Return of the Jedi now blink. But the added Vader audio is what has drawn most of the anger. One fan on the BadAss site who viewed the video posted on the Web commented that he could "see what a dumb move this is. Not only does the tension of the scene die the moment Vader does the first no, it knocks [soundtrack composer John] Williams's score out of whack. ... Adding in these nos makes no sense, ruins what is a very delicate scene."