Star Wars beauty Natalie Portman has declared the only male she's been sleeping with recently is called CHARLIE - and he has one ear muscle, bad breath and a spotty stomach.

The stunning actress' choice of male company is a mutt she's owned for the past few years and whom she absolutely adores - despite his physical quirks.

She says, "I sleep with this guy Charlie - my dog, the only man in my life! He's a very good dog. He's a pretty chilled-out dog.

"He only has one ear muscle - only one goes up. He's also got severe halitosis but he's just so charming you just let him kiss you anyway. He has spots on his tummy too!"

Portman split from Mexican heart-throb Gael Garcia Bernal in May (04) after a 15-month romance (begsFEB03).

01/08/2004 21:17