Star Wars actress Natalie Portman is sad to leave the trilogy behind, as it was "part of forming" who she is.

While the Hollywood star, 23, is keen to start the next phase of her life - she feels a "little bit of sadness" at waving goodbye to the crew and fellow actors from the mega-successful sci-fi series.

Portman says, "I think there's always an excitement to start a new phase and always a little bit of sadness of leaving the last phase.

"Obviously, having made three Star Wars films has been 10 years of my life from when I signed on to when it finally will come out, and being 23, that's really significant obviously.

"I've met some amazing people and it's been a really unique experience, so obviously, I look back on it and it was part of forming who I am now and so I am happy to start something new."

03/08/2004 17:27