LATEST: The legendary lightsabers brandished by Star Wars characters LUKE SKYWALKER and DARTH VADER have been sold for a staggering $284 million (GBP158,000) at a sci-fi auction in Beverly Hills, California.

Gary Kurtz, the producer of STAR WARS and STAR WARS: EPISODE V - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK sold the weapons for double their estimated value - Skywalker's lightsaber raised $200,000 (GBP113,000) while Vader's went for just $118,000 (GBP67,000).

Kurtz's sold a host of other Star Wars props on Friday (29JUL05) including YODA's walking stick, for $50,000 (GBP28,000) Skywalker's X-Wing flight suit for $70,000 (GBP40,000) and a Chewbacca mask for $50,000 (GBP28,000).

01/08/2005 02:52