Star Wars beauty Natalie Portman's mother called police to her Long Island, New York home recently - fearing a man innocently reading a book on the sidewalk outside was a deranged stalker.

The stunning 23-year-old - who shot to fame as a child in hitman drama LEON - is fearful of becoming the target of obsessed fans so when her mother SHELLY spotted student ANTWONE LeGARDE outside her property in Sea Cliff, she immediately called in the local law enforcement.

LeGarde - who until that day had never even heard of Portman - was stunned when officers approached him as he sat on the kerb looking out over the beach near the actress's house.

And LeGarde tells New York gossip site PAGE SIX, that he wasn't the first person to trigger Portman's protective loved ones into ringing the police.

He says, "The police officers were laughing about it. They said, 'This is the third or fourth time she's done this.' Every time someone comes near her house, she thinks they're stalking her. It's a little strange."

However, Portman's lawyer MARTY SINGER denies his client has troubled the authorities more than once.

He says, "Natalie has never called the police. She didn't know anything about it. There was a young person sitting near their property for a very long period of time. Her mother called 911. She never used the word, 'stalker.' "

16/06/2004 21:21