Star Wars creator George Lucas' daughter AMANDA made her martial arts debut in New Zealand on Saturday (31May08) - fighting under the name POWERHOUSE.
The 27-year-old was beaten in the mixed martial arts bout by Kiwi Nicole Kavanagh - part of a Princesses of Pain team event between America and Australasia.
Footage of the fights will feature in a forthcoming documentary about the formation of an international women's fighting league, according to
Promoter Belinda Dunne says of Lucas' involvement, "(Amanda's) got the heart of a fighter.
"She's got some skills in every area. She does the tough yards and she doesn't give up. She's got a lot of strength in her punch.
"She's staying in a hostel with six other girls. Eating the same food. She has not once been a prima donna about it.
"Within her team-mates, none of them really give a crap (about her links to fame)."
Lucas turned to fighting after trying her hand at acting - she appeared in the first three Star Wars movies - and a stint as a hip-hop dance teacher.