Star Wars actor Mark Hamill blames his reluctance to "trade in" to become an icon for his lack of mainstream success.

While co-star Harrison Ford has gone on to become a Hollywood superstar, Hamill's career waned after the sci-fi trilogy wrapped up in 1983 with RETURN OF THE JEDI.

And 52-year-old Hamill is convinced Ford's enormous success is due to the audience's "connection" with him.

He comments, "Harrison is incredibly talented and he really has a clear-cut persona and connection with the audience.

"But whatever you trade in becoming an icon within your own persona, you gain in being able to appear as everything from a comic book character to a gay dance instructor.

"Then you make people go, 'Oh, I didn't expect him to be in that.'"

Hamill believes there is an inaudible amount of pressure for Ford to always be the big box office draw.

He adds, "Harrison has made movies that have made a fortune and he still gets people saying, 'This one only made $122 million (GBP68 million).'"

"I do what I want and don't have to be in the spotlight."

16/09/2004 21:35