Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher has been hired as a TV film expert for a classic movies series. The actress and writer will join critic and historian ROBERT OSBORNE as host of THE ESSENTIALS. Fisher insists her new job shouldn't surprise film fans - she's the daughter of silver screen legends Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and she started acting at 18, two years before she portrayed PRINCESS LEIA in the original Star Wars trilogy. She's also hooked on the films shown on US TV network Turner Classic Movies (TCM), which will air the new-look Essentials show. She explains, "I pretty much just watch TCM. I watch news or old movies." But Fisher is still nervous about how film buffs will respond to her new role: "I've seen they (TCM) have really good people and (they) seem very, very intelligent talking about these things and analysing the films. I'm just sort of a fan of the movies."