Former Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher is urging more ageing movie stars to date toyboys - because it helps you get into shape.

The actress confesses she had a fling with a 23-year-old recently, and it was great while it lasted - the romance made her feel better about herself and kick-started a weight-loss programme that has given her a new look.

The 46-year-old says, "He needed a place to stay. He was beautiful and I suppose I did get a little infatuated with him.

"He was f**ked up about his mother, which made him flirty with me, and we ended up making out in my den and in his bedroom. And there was a tiny, tragic make-out thing in my car.

"It's good for your weight. It provides you with the illusion that something of charm and consequence is taking place in your life."

24/08/2003 20:44