The actor who played DARTH VADER in the original Star Wars trilogy is hoping a film convention this week (begs21May07) will see him reconcile with franchise creator George Lucas. DAVE PROWSE, who played the man in black but not his famous voice, has endured a bitter 24-year feud with the moviemaker after allegedly leaking Return Of The Jedi plot details to the press in 1983. However Prowse, who insists he's innocent, hopes the latest Star Wars convention in Los Angeles will give him the chance to rekindle a friendship with Lucas. The 71-year-old says, "He (Lucas) believed I had revealed to the press that Darth Vader was going to die in the film. But I didn't even know my character was going to be killed off. "He hasn't spoken to me since. I was ostracised on the movie and wasn't invited to the premiere. "But I will be at the same Star Wars convention as George in America and I would like to speak to him again. I certainly don't hold any grudges."