Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher finally got over her massive grudge with DAME Elizabeth Taylor when the Hollywood queen threw her in a swimming pool.

Carrie, 47, was only one-year-old when her father Eddie Fisher left her mother Debbie Reynolds to become Taylor's fourth husband - and subsequently kept her distance from the star when she found Hollywood fame herself.

However, Carrie and Taylor's paths eventually crossed at a party in Los Angeles - and the pair ended up finding friendship in bizarre circumstances.

Fisher explains, "I saw her and told her she's been bad-mouthing my mother. And people don't talk to Liz Taylor like that. So she says to me, 'I'm going to push you in my pool.' I said Ok.

"She said, 'You'll pull me in with you.' I said, 'No, I won't.' I said, 'Push me in the pool!' And she did.

"In some stupid way, I was telling her that she couldn't hurt me anymore. We have been great friends ever since."

19/02/2004 17:33