Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher was devastated when her "vile" father ignored her pleas not to publish his autobiography - because she felt betrayed by him.

The veteran actress, 47, was horrified by father Eddie Fisher's attack on her mother SINGIN' IN THE RAIN star Debbie Reynolds in his book.

Fisher says, "He was vile and he did it for attention, to hurt other people.

"She was a virgin when they married and he talked about her body and said the sex between them wasn't good.

"When I heard that he was going to suggest she was gay, which she certainly wasn't, I called him and, at first he denied it.

"I went round to ask him not to do it and burst into tears which I rarely do.

"He promised he wouldn't, but then he did, to sell his book."

However, Fisher is still susceptible to her father's charisma and adds, "He's so charming, such fun you want to be with him, but he always let you down and I can still fall for it."

25/02/2004 17:34