Star Trek actor George Takei joined a group of student gay activists trying to visit a Christian university in Minneapolis on Monday (17APR06) - helping them raise awareness about homosexuality. Takei, who played HIKARU SULU in the hit space saga, came out as homosexual last year (05). And as he was speaking at a nearby gay pride event at the University Of Minnesota, he decided to join the Soulforce Equality Riders' rally at the North Central University. The college is owned by the Assemblies Of God, an institution allegedly opposed to homosexuality. Takei, 68, noted the activists' "equality trek" shares the same spirit as Star Trek, which also championed equal rights. He says, "They have shown courage and character in showing that most people of faith are not extreme reactionaries who oppose equal rights." Organiser JACOB REITAN explains the colleges they are visiting "equate homosexuality with sickness and sin. It's time to have a conversation instead of defaming our humanity."