The Nov. 20 high-definition release of Star Trek: The Original Series, featuring new, computer-generated special effects, will be preceded one week earlier by a special one-night theatrical screening of the one-hour episode The Menagerie in some 300 digitally equipped theaters, Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS Home Entertainment announced Wednesday. The Nov. 13 screening will also include a half-hour documentary, narrated by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's son Rod, about how the episodes were remastered from the original 1966 negatives. The Menagerie was originally broadcast on Nov. 17, 1966 and Nov. 24, 1966 -- almost 41 years to the day of the new release. Nearly 20 years later the original Star Trek pilot was discovered and excerpts from it were used to create flashback scenes that were incorporated into the Menagerie episodes. Tickets for the Nov. 13 screening, priced at $12.50, are being sold online at