Star Trek and Doctor Who fans have been banned from asking Patrick Stewart and David Tennant to autograph sci-fi merchandise while they star in a British production of HAMLET.
Stewart and Tennant - currently performing the play in Stratford, England - have been bombarded by devotees waiting at the stage doors with "bags" of TV franchise memorabilia to be signed.
But The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has now declared that only official programmes can be autographed.
A statement released by the theatre firm says: "Due to the huge amount of interest in the RSC's current production of Hamlet, only Royal Shakespeare Company or production related memorabilia will be signed by members of the company.
"It is very flattering that there is so much interest in this production, but the sheer volume of requests means that we need to set some limits which will be as fair as possible for everyone.
"We apologise if this causes any disappointment."