Star Trek movie bosses are so desperate to keep the new film's set under wraps, they've banned cigarette breaks. Winona Ryder is among the stars who are reportedly upset that they have to spend all day shut away in a no-smoking compound on the remote California desert location, unable to satisfy her nicotine habit. But director J.J Abrams is determined costumes and set designs aren't leaked to the press. A source reveals, "Winona's a heavy smoker and she was furious when the producers told her she's not allowed to take a smoke break anywhere near the set because of a confidentiality agreement she signed. "The film's brass (bosses) is hellbent on stopping photographers or details of the movie set or its stars getting out to the public. "Winona and the rest of the cast are being toted around in covered golf carts - to hide them from rabid Trekkies and photographers. "J.J. tried to make Winona understand how devastating a leak or photos of a key character or scene would be. He stressed they relied more on secrecy for the sake of box office buzz than other films. "Winona said she understood but she's crawling the walls."