'Star Trek 2' will be "a bit more daring" than the 2009 instalment.

Screenwriter Robert Orci has confirmed the first film - a reboot of the classic 60s TV series starring Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto - had to be "organic" in feel so people understood, but believes the sequel will be "different".

He said: "I think we get to be a little bit more daring with the theme. The first one had to be an origin story - or we felt it had to be an origin story - it was kind of 'Star Trek Zero' - how did it all start? So to do that organically, you had to get each character in his or her place.

"Now, they're all together from the beginning, and so now they're all going to face, I think, a theme that is different and potentially more challenging than just: they met and they're kind of facing this force of nature in Nero."

The writer also confirmed Kirk - originally played by William Shatner - may have become Captain of the USS Enterprise too quickly, a possible theme in the second film.

Speaking at WonderCon, he said: "Some people thought Kirk, did he become Captain too fast? It's easy to think of, well, we'll look through a place in the story - without giving anything in the story away - where someone can look at him sideways and go, 'You sure became Captain fast!'

"And for anyone to say that, whether we do or not, that's just an Example. I'm not saying if for sure we'll do that, you can do those kinds of things and suddenly your criticism is part of the movie, and it's kind of fun if you're a fan to see that incorporated."