Former Star Trek castmates George Takei and William Shatner's TV showdown is moving ever closer - the chat encounter is under consideration by the network bosses who run SHATNER'S RAW NERVE programme. The two former co-stars sparked a war of words in 2008 after Shatner claimed he hadn't been invited to Takei's wedding. Takei insisted he had and launched into a tirade about his old Star Trek Captain.
The feud rumbled on with Shatner posting videos criticising Takei online and Takei taking to TV to retaliate - and now the two actors are set to meet on U.S. cable show Raw Nerve, which Shatner hosts.
He says, "There's a process. George has to be vetted like you have to vet a horse that you were gonna buy or a wife you were gonna marry.
"George is being Googled even as we speak. The A&E network needs to okay each name... We want to invite you, George, but now we need A&E's permission.
"Apparently George wants to be (on the show), but then George wants to be everywhere... It's called making a living."
And Shatner insists he won't be rude or nasty to his guest when Takei eventually makes his appearance: "George will wanna come on the show because I'm gonna be so gentle with him (and) I know he likes to be gentled."