Former Star Trek captain William Shatner has recorded the introduction to PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS' (PETA) President INGRID NEWKIRK's new audio book MAKING KIND CHOICES.

The tape features advice on how to become a healthy vegetarian, tips on protecting wildlife and even an odd piece on how to save animals from drowning if they should fall into your swimming pool. Shatner's wife NERINE was found drowned in the couple's pool in 1999.

On the CD, horse-lover Shatner says, "The point of Making Kind Choices is that no matter where we live, we can play a vital role in freeing animals from torment, looking out for our fellow human beings, and being a conscientious earth steward.

"All we need to do is realise how powerful we are."

06/04/2005 21:30