Buy a new hard drive. Get a new movie in the bargain. That essentially is Seagate's pitch in its ads for its pocket-sized 500 GB FreeAgent Go, which comes with a free copy of last year's Star Trek movie recorded onto the external hard drive. In fact, there are 19 other Paramount movies on the hard drive as well, but it will cost around $9.99 each for an unlocking key. Then again, presumably all of the movies can simply be dumped in order to free up more space on the hard drive. Doing so, however, would subvert the purpose of the Seagate-Paramount alliance, which is aimed at encouraging laptop users to store their movies on portable hard drives so that they can be watched on the road. In a statement, Malik Ducard, senior vice-president of Paramount Digital Entertainment, said, "We have teamed up [with Seagate] to create what we think is a unique offering that will help jumpstart the creation of digital home movie collections."