The ashes of Star Trek actor James Doohan, who played engineer Scotty in the hit TV series, will be blasted into space today.

Doohan, who died two years ago aged 85, requested for his ashes to be sent into space.

Today's blast off from a site in New Mexico will see Doohan's ashes enter the final frontier along with those of 200 other people, including the astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Best known for his role in Star Trek, Doohan's character of Montgomery Scott was originally conceived to be a minor, occasional character on the show but the Scottish engineer soon rose to the ranks of the show, leading alongside Captain Kirk as played by William Shatner.

It is thought that the co-stars had a strained relationship but resolved their issues as Doohan began to fall ill with a host of illnesses in later life.

"While Scotty lived this, Jimmy lived for this," Doohan's widow Wende said in a press release.

"I will be there to see the launch, knowing that Jimmy is participating in an industry which he loved so very much."

The couple were married for over 30 years.

28/04/2007 10:41:13