Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart only agrees to star in movie sequels "for the money" - not for the artistic credibility.

The bald-headed actor is currently performing on London's West End stage - but he isn't going to give up his lucrative Hollywood career just yet.

The 62-year-old actor - who also stars in the hit X-Men film series - admits that movie sequels simply offer him too much money to turn down.

He says, "I do it for the money. Franchises make people large amounts of cash. It's made me very rich."

But, instead of contemplating a series of high-earning Hollywood blockbusters, he plans to follow up his current run in THE MASTER BUILDER by working with his X-Men co-star SIR Ian McKellen again.

He adds, "Ian has strong theatrical roots and I think we should do something together. I would love to work with him on stage."

Patrick - known to millions as CAPTAIN JEAN-LUC PICARD in the Star Trek TV series and spin-off films - was paid $13.6 million (GBP8.3 million) to star in STAR TREK: NEMESIS.

19/06/2003 14:01