Paramount Home Entertainment said Thursday that complaints about the decision to add digital special effects to the high-definition DVD release of the original Star Trek series are fading. "Once people started to see what it is, the knee-jerk reaction has died down and people are starting to get excited about it," Jason Hillhouse of New Wave Entertainment, which added the effects, told Home Media magazine. Ryan Adams of CBS DVD said that the addition of the special effects is "definitely appropriate." Indeed, he remarked, the show "screams out for it." The 10-disc set is scheduled to be released on Nov. 20, priced at $217.99, in the HD DVD (but not in the Blu-ray) format. Meanwhile, Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Mr. Spock in the original series, appeared Thursday at Comic-Con, the pop-culture convention in San Diego, where he forecast that the upcoming Star Trek film, set for release next year, will "be a great movie -- and I don't say things like that lightly." Nimoy is expected to have a cameo role in the film. He was joined by Zachary Quinto, who will portray Spock as a younger man. Director/co-producer J.J. Abrams said that he also expected that William Shatner will be added to the cast of the film.