Original Star Trek stars Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner rarely talk about the good old days on the set of the iconic TV series - because both stars have been forgotten by the franchise.
Nimoy, who returns for a cameo in the hit new movie, is still bitter about being left out of the Next Generation films and Shatner refused to play a cameo in the new J.J. Abrams blockbuster.
The two actors have remained good friends over the years - and have a gentleman's agreement never to talk Trek.
Nimoy tells the Los Angeles Times, "Bill and I have spent some time together, we have dinner periodically, and frankly, its a subject that we avoid.
"Its not a fun subject right now. And I sympathise with him (Shatner) because I was left out of the Next Generation films. It is what it is.
"In the Next Generation movies, I did not appear and Kirk was killed. It was as though someone was trying to create a dividing line between the original, classic series and the New Generation crew. I was out and Bill was dead.
"I assumed that was it, its over. I didnt feel great about it, but I was OK with it. Ive had my run, and I had a lot of other interesting things I wanted to do. I didnt look back."