The brains behind the upcoming Star Trek 11 movie is planning to go back in time for the sci-fi drama - 160 years before the birth of original Captain JAMES KIRK.

Screenwriter ERIK JENDRESON, who shot to fame for his part in the BAND OF BROTHERS TV series, has confessed he's setting the new film in the not too distant future.

While the first Star Trek series was set in the 2260s, the new film will be set a century from now.

Jendresen tells sci-fi website SYFYPORTAL.COM, "We're going 160-odd years before Kirk is born. It's an earlier time."

The screenwriter also suggests the new project will be more about a big screen story, rather than special effects.

He adds, "I think it would be really refreshing to feel something in the course of telling this tale, instead of being wowed by special effects, or presenting another crew in jeopardy where, in the end, the captain does something brilliant, and all's right with the world."

11/03/2005 03:07