Star Trek: THE NEXT GENERATION star LeVAR BURTON has begged TV bosses never to make another new Star Trek show and allow the sci-fi series to rest in piece.

The actor - who played LIEUTENANT COMMANDER GEORDI LA FORGE on both the big and small screens from 1987 until his final appearance in 2002 movie STAR TREK: NEMESIS - hopes the last series of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, from 2001, will be the very last.

And Burton is threatening to get nasty if executives ignore his pleas.

He says, "Star Trek coming to an end is long overdue.

"They ran it into the ground and made so much Star Trek that it ceased to be special. If they bring this back before a decade is out I will get a high-powered weapon and start picking off studio executives."

26/07/2005 01:52