More than 10 percent of Star Trek 's opening gross of $79.2 million came from just 2.1 percent of the screens showing it -- those in the IMAX format, the giant-screen company said Thursday. The $8.5 million in ticket sales represented the biggest opening weekend for any IMAX release. The company made its announcement as an online controversy developed over comments by Aziz Ansari, a star of NBC's new sitcom Parks of Recreation , posted on his Twitter site and his blog, complaining that the IMAX screen he saw the movie on was only a "slightly bigger-than-normal screen and NOT the usual standard huge 72-foot IMAX screen." The theater which showed the movie using a digital projector on the smaller screen amounted to what Ansari called "fake IMAX." His reaction "I just got ripped off for $5.00 [the premium charged for IMAX screenings]. Do I get my money back?" Reports indicate that a majority of the new IMAX screens are far smaller than the original ones. In the Los Angeles Times , Patrick Goldstein, who writes a column coincidentally called "The Big Picture," described Ansari's rant as "citizen journalism at its best" and remarked that it "touched a populist nerve."