A re-release of 1960s sci-fi series Star Trek featuring updated special effects has been slammed by fans as an "horrendous artistic affront". Computer-generated wizardry sees the clumsy Starship Enterprise replaced by a new model that flies more smoothly, while painted planets are over-written by digital animations. However, the changes have outraged some Star Trek stalwarts who blast the re-release as unnecessary and heavy-handed. One anonymous fan fumes on an Internet bulletin board: "Star Trek, with its papier-mache rocks and bridge of primary colours, is classic. You can't fix Star Trek because it's not broken." DAVE ROSSI of CBS Digital Media, the team behind the updates, retorts the changes were subtle and didn't affect the series' iconic images. He says of the Enterprise, "We are not adding fins, we are not making it do barrel roles." The first updated episodes will be broadcast in America on Saturday (16SEP06).