Late Star Trek star James Doohan's remains were successfully blasted into space yesterday morning (28Apr07). The ashes of the actor, who played Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the TV show and its spin-off movies, were flown up in a space rocket from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Following the flight, the remains of the star, who inspired the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty", parachuted down to Earth. The actor's widow, Wende Doohan, was at the launch. She says, "For the amount of emotion that was involved, it was amazing how technical and smoothly everything ran." Doohan died aged 85 in 2005. His ashes were accompanied by the remains of former US astronaut Gordon Cooper and those of 200 other people. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's remains were fired into space in 1997, six years after his death.